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Love in Perth (2010) WebDL 720p

Love in Perth (2010) WebDL 720p

Lola, 16 years old girl, got a scholarship at famous High School in Perth, Australia. Her good friend named Beni who actually had a crush on her said to her that hell be waiting for Lola to come back to tell her his feeling since as Lola said- its only three years of going, its not like forever and so Beni wait.

Three years of going but Perth changed her life.

Started from Lolas roommate who became Lolas big enemy named Tiwi, a new friend named Ari, until a guy named Dhani.

Dhani, a senior student, rich and good looking, whos at beginning was so snob but then turned into Lolas friend and even more made Lola fell in love.

But when theyre getting closer to each other and Lola was really fell in love, Dhani disappointed her. His attitude, arrogance, took Lola for granted, caused a failure in Lolas final exam. Lola too busy taking care of him, while Dhani too busy taking care of himself.

Lola decided to keep distance from Dhani.

When their relationship was broken, Dhani realized how he missed the girl and how actually he loved her.

But then, another things came up. Beni came to Perth. Beni wondered why Lola stop sending him emails. Beni decided to tell her about his true feeling at that moment.

Lola had to choose. Beni or Dhani.

At the end, Lola realized that Dhani might not as perfect as Beni. But because of his imperfection, Lola fell completed and fulfilled.

Lola found her true love in Perth.

Duration: 90 min

Quality: 720p


IMDb: 5.6

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